Accepted Papers

Regular ADBIS papers

Exploiting the Relationship between Keywords for Effective XML Keyword Search
Jiang Li, Junhu Wang and Maolin Huang

A Benchmark for Multidimensional Statistical Data
Philipp Baumgärtel, Gregor Endler and Richard Lenz

Extracting Deltas from Column Oriented NoSQL Databases for Different Incremental Applications and Diverse Data Targets
Yong Hu and Stefan Dessloch 

Semantic Enrichment of Ontology Mappings: A Linguistic-based Approach
Patrick Arnold and Erhard Rahm

An Approach to Graph Partitioning by Means of Parallel DBMS
Constantin Pan and Mikhail Zymbler

Versatile XQuery Processing in MapReduce
Caetano Sauer, Sebastian Bächle and Theo Härder

GeoSocialRec: Explaining Recommendations in Location-based Social Networks
Panagiotis Symeonidis, Antonios Krinis and Yannis Manolopoulos

An Operator-Stream-based Scheduling Engine for Effective GPU Coprocessing
Sebastian Breß, Norbert Siegmund, Ladjel Bellatreche and Gunter Saake

GEO-NASS: A Semantic Tagging Experience from Geographical Data on the Media
Angel Luis Garrido, Maria Granados, Sergio Ilarri and Eduardo Mena

Honey, I Shrunk the Cube
Matteo Golfarelli and Stefano Rizzi

QGramProjector: Q-gram Projection for Indexing Highly-Similar Strings
Sebastian Wandelt and Ulf Leser

Resource Allocation for Query Optimization in Data Grid Systems: Static Load Balancing Strategies
Shaoyi Yin, Igor Epimakhov, Franck Morvan and Abdelkader Hameurlain 

Multi-Level Parallel Query Execution Framework for CPU and GPU

Hannes Rauhe, Jonathan Dees, Kai-Uwe Sattler and Franz Faerber

Compact and Distinctive Visual Vocabularies for Efficient Multimedia Data Indexing
Dimitris Kastrinakis, Symeon Papadopoulos and Athena Vakali

A Framework for Grouping and Summarizing Keyword Search Results
Orestis Gkorgkas, Kostas Stefanidis and Kjetil Nørvåg

A Probabilistic Index Structure for Querying Future Positions of Moving Objects
Philip Schmiegelt, Andreas Behrend, Bernhard Seeger and Wolfgang Koch

Mining Periodic Event Patterns from RDF Datasets
Anh Le and Michael Gertz

OLAP in Multifunction Multidimensional Databases
Ali Hassan, Frank Ravat, Olivier Teste, Ronan Tournier and Gilles Zurfluh

FlexiDex: Flexible Indexing for Similarity Search with Logic-Based Query Models
Marcel Zierenberg and Maria Bertram

Spatial Itemset Mining: A Framework to Explore Itemsets in Geographic Space
Christian Sengstock and Michael Gertz

Spatio-Temporal Keyword Queries in Social Networks
Vittoria Cozza, Matteo Magnani, Antonio Messina, Danilo Montesi and Luca Arietta

GPU-Accelerated Collocation Pattern Discovery.
Witold Andrzejewski and Pawel Boinski

Improving Performance of High-Dimensional kNN Retrieval through Localized Dataspace Segmentation and Hybrid Indexing
Michael Schuh, Tim Wylie and Rafal Angryk

FibLSS: A Scalable Label Storage Scheme for Dynamic XML Updates
Martin F. O'Connor and Mark Roantree

Pertinent User Profile Based on Adaptive Semi-supervised LearningPertinent User Profile Based on Adaptive Semi-supervised Learning
Zghal Rim, Leila Ghorbel, Corinne Zayani and Ikram Amous

Relative Reduct-Based Estimation of Relevance for Stylometric Features
Urszula Stanczyk

Short ADBIS papers 

Labeling Association Rule Clustering through a Genetic Algorithm Approach
Veronica Carvalho, Renan Padua and Adriane Serapião

XSLTMark II - a Simple, Extensible and Portable XSLT Benchmark
Viktor Masicek and Irena Holubova       

A Query Language for Workflow Instance Data
Philipp Baumgärtel, Johannes Tenschert and Richard Lenz

Rule-based Multi-dialect Infrastructure for Conceptual Problem Solving over Heterogeneous Distributed Information Resources
Leonid Kalinichenko, Sergey Stupnikov, Alexey Vovchenko and Dmitry Kovalev             

R++-tree: an Efficient Spatial Access Method for Highly Redundant Point Data
Martin Šumák and Peter Gurský

When Too Similar is Bad: A Practical Example of the Solar Dynamics Observatory Content-Based Image-Retrieval System
Juan Banda, Michael Schuh, Tim Wylie, Patrick McInerney and Rafal Angryk     

On Materializing Paths for Faster Recursive Querying
Aleksandra Boniewicz, Piotr Wisniewski and Krzysztof Stencel

DSD: a DaaS Service Discovery Method in P2P Environments
Riad Mokadem, Franck Morvan, Chirine Ghedira Guegan and Djamal Benslimane

Spatiotemporal Co-occurrence Rules from Data with Extended Spatial Representations using Anti-monotonic and non Anti-monotonic Measures
Karthik Ganesan Pillai, Rafal Angryk, Juan Banda, Tim Wylie and Michael Schuh

ReMoSSA: Reference Model for Specification of Self Adaptive Service-Oriented-Architecture
Sihem Cherif, Raoudha Ben Djemaa and Ikram Amous

New Ontological Alignment System based on a Non Monotonic Description Logic
Ratiba Guebaili- Djider, Aicha Mokhtari, Farid Nouioua, Karima Akli and Narhimène Boustia     

Distributed Processing of XPath Queries using MapReduce
Matthew Damigos, Manolis Gergatsoulis and Stathis Plitsos

Time Series Queries Processing with GPU support
Piotr Przymus and Krzysztof Kaczmarski             

Use of VSM and EA constructs in IS design
Marite Kirikova and Mara Pudane          

Special Session on Big Data 

Discovering Contextual Association Rules in Relational Databases
Elisa Quintarelli and Emanuele Rabosio

Big Data New Frontiers: Mining, Search and Management of Massive Repositories of Solar Image Data and Solar Events
Juan Banda, Michael Schuh, Rafal Angryk, Karthik Ganesan Pillai and Patrick Mcinerney             

Challenges and Issues on Collecting and Analyzing Large Volumes of Network Data Measurements
Enrico Masala, Antonio Servetti, Simone Basso and Juan Carlos De Martin

Desidoo, a Big-Data Application to join the Online and Real-World Marketplaces
Daniele Apiletti and Fabio Forno

Hadoop on a Low-Budget General Purpose HPC Cluster in Academia
Paolo Garza, Paolo Margara, Nicolò Nepote, Luigi Grimaudo and Elio Piccolo

Extraction, Sentiment Analysis and Visualization of Massive Public Messages
Jacopo Farina, Mirjana Mazuran and Elisa Quintarelli

Packaging the Steps of the Parallel Relational Data Warehouse Design
Soumia Benkrid, Ladjel Bellatreche and Alfredo Cuzzocrea

GraphDB - Storing Large Graphs on Secondary Memory
Lucas Fonseca Navarro, Ana Paula Appel and Estevam Hruschka Junior

PhD Consortium papers  

Spatial Indexes for Simplicial and Cellular Meshes
Riccardo Fellegara

Mathematical Methods of Tensor Factorization Applied to Recommender Systems
Giuseppe Ricci

Extended Dynamic Weighted Majority using Diversity to Handle Drifts
Parneeta Sidhu

PhD Consortium Poster Presentations 

Towards Parallelized In-Memory Evaluation of Complex SPARQL Queries
Manuel Then

Marimba: A MapReduce-based Framework for incremental Recomputations on Big Data
Johannes Schildgen

Global Optimization in Hybrid Analytics System including MapReduce
Weiping Qu

Research Proposal: Tracking Dynamic Radicalization in On-line Social Networks
Pooja Wadhwa

Load Balancing Control in Cloud by Identifying Business Processes
Oksana Dolmatova

WattDB: An Energy-Proportional Database Cluster of Lightweight Nodes
Daniel Schall

Application of SVMs on Logic-Based Scoring Functions over Uncertain Relation Data
Sascha Saretz

GID Workshop 


GPU-accelerated Query Selectivity Estimation based on Data Clustering and Monte Carlo Integration Method developed in CUDA Environment

Dariusz Rafal Augustyn and Lukasz Warchal

Exploring the Design Space of a GPU-aware Database Architecture

Sebastian Bress, Max Heimel, Norbert Siegmund, Ladjel Bellatreche and Gunter Saake

Dynamic Compression Strategy for Time Series Database using CPU

Piotr Przymus and Krzysztof Kaczmarski

Online Document Clustering Using GPUs

Benjamin E. Teitler, Jagan Sankaranarayanan, Hanan Samet and Marco D. Adelfio

OAIS Workshop 

A Latent Semantic Indexing-based Approach to Determine Similar Clusters in Large-scale Schema Matching
Alsayed Algergawy

Poss-SROIQ(D): Possibilistic Description Logic Extension to an Uncertain Geographic Ontology
Safia Bourai, Aicha Mokhtari and Faiza Khellaf Poss

Ontology-based Context-Aware Social Networks
Maha Maalej, Achraf Mtibaa and Faiez Gargouri

Diversity in a Semantic Recommender System
Latifa Baba-Hamed and Magloire Namber

Ontology – Driven Observer Pattern
Amrita Chaturvedi and Prabhakar Tadinada      

Using the Semantics of Texts for Information Retrieval: a Concept- and Domain Relation-based Approach
Davide Buscaldi, Marie-Noelle Bessagnet, Albert Royer and Christian Sallaberry


SoBI Workshop 

Subjective Business Polarization: Sentiment Analysis meets Predictive Modeling
Furio Camillo and Caterina Liberati

Sentiment Analysis and City Branding
Roberto Grandi and Federico Neri         

Integrating Spatial Decision Supports and Social Networks
Nicoletta Dessì and Gianfranco Garau

OLAP on Information Networks: a new Framework for Dealing with Bibliographic Data
Wararat Jakawat, Cécile Favre and Sabine Loudcher